Real de Oaxaca Mezcal…

From the family that has been making it for generations.

Mezcal Real de Oaxaca is made in Oaxaca by the family that has a longstanding reputation for making authentic, quality Mezcal for generations. Real de Oaxaca Mezcal comes in the most popular varieties – Silver for mixed drinks and Reposado specially aged for sipping. Enjoy our wide variety of Mezcaladas Real de Oaxaca.   Place your order now so you can be sure to get yours before the holidays. Now available online at

Real De Oaxaca is proud to feature a fully-stocked bar with the widest assortment of  Mezcal and  Tequila in Los Angeles. You can expect to find a wide variety of drinks, ranging from your traditional beverages such as Aguas Frescas and our famous Horchata to our exciting fusion drinks such as our famous Beer Margaritas, a great tasting and refreshing beverage.

Let our professional mixologists prepare for you the best drinks using an ample selection of  Mezcales , Tequilas and Spirits. Salud!




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